Jordi Romeu, Architect



Jordi Romeu i Costa was born in Barcelona the 6th of February of 1949.

1973/1989 - BA and PhD in architecture training at the School of Architecture of Barcelona, UPC.

1976/2014 - Professor of Projects 1 and 2 , Department of Architectural Design. Architecture School of Barcelona, UPC.

  • Author and specialist in various interventions in the work of modernist architects Josep Puig, Josep Vilaseca i Joaquim Raspall, as the Joan Pich i Pon House, Comptes de Barcelona Hotel , Bruno Cuadros house or Mornau Palau in Barcelona.
  • Author of the headquarters of L'Orfeo Martinenc, Mas Casanova School in Barcelona or the CAP in Bisbal d'Empordà.
  • Author of several articles in newspapers and magazines of architecture.
  • Finalist and winner, FAD award, Ciutat de Barcelona Awards and Década Awards.
  • Member of the Partnership Architects for Architecture AxA
  • Member of the multidisciplinary group Gisme.
  • Contact

    Teodora Lamadrid st. 30 ground floor. 08022 Barcelona

    Tel: 93 667 54 94